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Our band was founded for the Thurfest 2012 Gig. We were friends long before this, so we knew what we were all capable of. We began as a school band, but then decided to take our music outside of school, we began playing local gigs around Suffolk. We as a group have a large range of influences but all enjoy the same music.  If we had to describe ourselves as a band we would say we are an energetic bunch of teenagers who wish to achieve nothing more than falling more in love with music than we already are. We don't play for fame or money, we play because music is something we all enjoy and hope to take on in life. Music is our passion and we will do all we can to entertain anyone, who shares this passion.

Our influences include artists such as: 3 Doors Down, The All-American Rejects, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Jack Johnson, Black Stone Cherry, Blink-182, Blur, Foo Fighters, Greenday, Papa Roach, Sleeping with Sirens, Nickelback, Biffy Clyro and many more. 

Band Profiles

Name: Tiago Reddin
DOB: 14th January 1997
Musical Inspiration: Papa Roach; Daughtry; Dad
Role In Band: Vocalist/Guitarist




Name: Catherine Lindley-Neilson
DOB: 18th October 1996
Musical Inspiration: Arctic Monkeys;  The Clash; 
Role In Band:

Name: Luke Pitt Roche
25th June 1997
Musical Inspiration:
Green Day; Fall Out Boy; Queen; My Chemical Romance
Role In Band: Bassist
Name: George Curry
DOB: 22nd June 1997
Musical Inspiration:
Jack Johnson; AC/DC
Role In Band
: Guitarist

Name: Brodie Brewer
15th August 1997
Musical Inspiration: Sleeping With Sirens; Of Mice And Men
Role In Band: Cajon/Drums