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Subtotal Promotions gig - Pot Black - January 24th
Had a great night playing with a lot of our friends, El Pascal, Fortunato (originally known as Three Patch Problem), and new friends Seven Lies Safe. A lot of people came throughout the night, and most people had a good dance at some point which is always good. Including a friend of ours who kept trying to join us on stage during our set! It was awesome to be able to see the other bands play as it's been a while since we last did. Overall a great turnout, really fun set and a great night.

Photoshoot - December 8th

We were excited when in November we were asked if we could be a part of Carolyn Bennet's photography project, as she needed some good shots of musicians. The shoot took place in Bury St Edmund's round about the Arc, and was really good fun (except having to get up at 7am after a late night at Rats As Big As Dogs EP launch) and was worth the early morning. Check out the pictures on the 'Photos' section, or on our Facebook page.

Rats As Big As Dogs EP launch - December 7th

We were asked 2 days before the gig to step in place of local Bury band Keys as they could no longer do the gig, and so we said yes. A good amount of people came and it was a great night, unfortunately a lot of us couldn't stay for the entire evening as we had to be else where, but when we saw Rats As Big As Dogs in sound check they were awesome and we loved their sound! Hope that 'Stupid Suits You' does well, we'll definitely be getting a copy!